Biking to Democracy

Although it’s much overshadowed by the clown show to the south of us, there is in fact a federal election going on here in the Great White North. Thanks to some oddness of the Election Canada database, I was no longer registered in the riding I’ve been living in for the last five or so years, so I had to go to my local riding office to re-register — best to do that now instead of election day, the chap at Election Canada’s call centre said.

It’s about 24km by road, round trip, a nice easy bikeride for my day off assuming the damn rain held off. Re-registering took all of two minutes after a nice ride; asking the clerk about voting lead to him mentioning that there was, in fact, an absentee/advance polling station open right there, if I was sure I knew who I was voting for…

Remembering my ABCs, I decided to vote then and there… so I’ve done my bit, now I get to watch the show (ours and the Yanks) and complain about whoever wins!

As a bonus, it didn’t start drizzling until I was nearly home, too…

Are You Registered?

By Brian Burger

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