Better Than They Deserved…

Most of the results are in; it looks like Canada’s federal election has been won (kind of) by the Conservatives. Pity. At least they’re still a minority government; that’s more than they deserve but at least they didn’t get a majority out of this unnecessary electoral waste of time.

Locally, our Conservative MP is back in (pity, that) and the Conservatives are also one seat up on Vancouver Island, at the expense of one of the few Liberal MPs I actually liked. An even greater pity, that.

I haven’t seen total voter turnout numbers yet – still rummaging through CBC’s website – but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them down over previous elections. I’m not the only one who things this election wasn’t actually needed – pity Mr. Harper disagreed. (And yes, I did so vote. That’s why I’m allowed to complain…)

Random post-election observation: CBC’s comments section is giving YouTube’s a race for “Dumbest Commentariat on Teh Intartoobs”, it really is…

By Brian Burger

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