The Man Who Traveled In Elephants

O Hai There
Getting The Eye
Ear We Go...

Into The Bush
African Rump State
Off With Mom

Another Elephant
Too Close For The Zoom
Elephant & Acacia

Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa.

Bonus geek points to anyone who recognizes the source for the title of this post. No fair running it through Google.


South Africa Photos!

The first twenty or so photos from my South Africa trip are up on my Flickr stream! I’ve got 1100 or so images to sort through, and I’ll be putting them up in chronological order, so stay tuned over the next few weeks!

Somewhere Over Africa
Necks, No Brains
Red & Yellow

My Flickr stream starts here.



The Interwebs love their LOLCATS

Cthulhu is also a pop favourite.

Thus, the obvious:



Heading Back Home

Wow, almost a month since my last blog entry. Been too busy doing stuff to write about it…

Leaving South Africa in just over 24hrs, back in my usual haunts sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. Then the great upload of pictures starts – I’ve got about 1000 images from this trip, and a wide selection of them will be winding up on my Flickr page in the next couple of weeks.

Getting home will also get me back to the land of cheap, uncapped & unmetered bandwidth – South Africa really is the far end of the world as far as ‘net access is concerned. One fairly large university here has roughly the same bandwidth available for 25,000+ students as a small office does back in Canada – and they pay far more for it. I’m going to be a lot more appreciative of Canada’s net access once I get it back!

It’s been an awesome trip, great to see RSA as an adult and see the relatives down here again. More trip highlights as I get the photos online – photos really being worth thousands of words, etc etc

Last major hurdle between self & home: retarded airport security. Shoes off and empty your waterbottles, everyone!