SCA Scribal Resources: Dates on Awards and Such…

A semi-random collection of stuff I’m finding useful as I continue to explore calligraphy, illumination, charter painting, and other aspects of the scribe’s art in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Possibly first of an irregular series.

Toward a More Period Text – lots of good thoughts on award wording in the SCA. Lots and lots of good stuff on the Kingdom of Lochac’s College of Scribes website, in fact, especially their Model Book page.

There’s a useful little Ecclesiastical Date Calculator with some additional explanation of saint’s days, moveable and fixed feasts, and that sort of thing if you want more reference for the period-style date and calendar advice from the More Period Text article. has a calendar of saints c.1500 CE, and the Medieval Combat Society has a 14th C. calendar of saints & feasts that also has 14th C English kings for reign-dating.