Automotive Entitlement Revisited

Back in September of 2009, a cyclist was killed by a motorist in Toronto; I blogged about the beginning of the mess in Automotive Entitlement (Again).

Now the Guardian tells us Top Canadian lawyer told he will not face trial over Toronto cyclist’s death, while the CBC’s headline is Charges against Bryant in fatal crash withdrawn.

Even better, and even more flagrant, road-raging Bryant is considering a return to politics. Anyone running against Mr. Bryant would be well advised not to show up at political events on a bike.

So the moral of the story, folks: killing someone with your car doesn’t even need to be more than an eight-month interuption to your political career. It was only a bicyclist, after all. People who matter drive cars.


On May 20th, This Might Not Be Just A Stick Figure

Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

Because May 20th is not just another day, and this might not be just a stick figure.

And if this stick figure offends you, consider whether it’s the stick figure – or you.


Last Hawaiian Photos

Just a few photos from the last day or two of our Hawaiian trip at the end of April. We covered a lot of ground in a week, put almost 500km on the rental car and managed to get most of our “Must See” list done. None of us are huge fans of sitting around on the beach getting sunburnt, so we did stuff instead.

Bishop Museum Fish Shadows

Jungle Temple II

Jungle Temple III: Pity you don't speak Hawaiian, Dr. Jones...

Leeward Oahu

Diesel Switcher

One Last Look

The entire Oahu set on Flickr.


If Science Really Was A Religion

Via the excellent, take-no-prisoners Pharyngula, Richard Dawkins on some basic methodology differences between science & religion. Funny, and very, very true.

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