The Rules (Supposedly)

Tripped over the Velominati site recently, rummaging through cycle sites as one does, and rather enjoyed their roadie-centric, tongue-in-cheek The Rules. I especially like Rules 5, 9, & 10. Some of them are utter nonsense, of course, and like all things the whole thing should really not be taken too seriously.

Much more laid back, though, is Some answers to just about any bike forum post I’ve ever read over on Surly Bike’s unexpectedly awesome company blog. Surly’s entire website is awesome, actually. I knew they made good bikes, but they make good website too.


Yes. This.

Once again, xkcd simply nails it.

Sickness. “… I’m going to live to experience more of it thanks to people who refused to gracefully accept the ineffability of reality.”

At least, with p<0.05 confidence


Tim Minchin Can So Do Mellow…

A surprisingly nice Christmas song from Australian genius Tim Minchin:

He does get a few classic Minchin digs in (“the lyrics are dodgy” is a personal favourite) but it’s mostly a very nice song about family, holidays and such. The real meaning of the upcoming Solstice holiday, in whatever version most of us celebrate it, in other words.

Quite a change from my first introduction to Minchin, which was the F-bomb-laced, glorious and awesome “Pope Song”…

Anyone offended by the Pope Song hasn’t actually listened to the lyrics.


On May 20th, This Might Not Be Just A Stick Figure

Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

Because May 20th is not just another day, and this might not be just a stick figure.

And if this stick figure offends you, consider whether it’s the stick figure – or you.