Mountain Flying

Combine very large lumps of rock and rather small aircraft; add summer weather that hasn’t exactly been perfectly summery; stir carefully. If you’re in British Columbia, you could well get this:

Rocks & Clouds II

On Labour Day weekend (30th & 31st of August) I flew from Victoria up to 108 Mile House in the BC interior in a Cessna 172. My grandmother came along for the ride; we spent the night at my aunt & uncle’s new (still under construction!) house and came back on the evening of the 31st. The flying was exhilarating, the scenery spectacular, and it was great to see the relatives again.

Rainbows over Pemberton

Peaks Near Whistler

Credit where due: Corey took most of these pictures, although with my camera, so I threw them up on my Flickr stream. I was busy flying the airplane! The full set can be viewed on Flickr.

By Brian Burger

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