New To Us

The Victoria Flying Club’s newest toy flew for the first time in VFC service on Saturday:

New To Us

Yankee Romeo November is a 1981 Cessna 152, so it’s hardly new, but it’s relatively low-airtime (around 2400hrs) and that’s what counts as ‘age’ in a plane, mostly. It’s spent the past two months or so in our hangar having a fair bit of work done on it, including a total engine refurbishment and paint touchup. Saturday it finally flew again, new engine, new parts, nice paintjob, tongue-twister identification and all.

And perhaps in celebration, or to help compensate for the generally cruddy flying weather we’ve been having the past couple of weeks, this afternoon we got a nice rainbow. And 50% of another nice rainbow alongside the other one.

Double Rainbow

By Brian Burger

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