Sun, Airplanes, and other Good Things

Summer finally arrived in Victoria a few days ago (we appear to have skipped spring entirely…), and there’s really no finer place to be on a sunny day than out at a busy airport. If you don’t believe me, try it some time – ideally, at an airport lucky enough to have a cafe or restaurant with a nice airside patio.

Victoria Flying Club, 1


Maule Spinner

Don't I Wish...

Classic Summer Flying

Yellow, Blue & Green

Summer does have one disadvantage, though: really boring METARs like CYYJ 090300Z 18002KT 30SM FEW250 22/12 A3011 RMK CI1 SLP195 which basically says it’s warm, clear and there’s not even any wind to deal with… a pleasant change from the winter’s long, complex reports of all sorts of foul weather!

By Brian Burger

Started this site way, way back in November 1998, when the web was young. It's still here, and so am I.

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