Photos: Ingolstadt & Donauwörth

Finally back in town after a month away for work and getting more Europe bike trip photos off my hard drive and onto my Flickr account! Here’s another couple of days worth of photos from the EuroVelo 6 adventure – only four weeks or so of the trip left to post!

As always, the entire growing album is over here on Flickr.

Ingolstadt Tower

Bavarian Countryside I

Donauwörth Hostel I


Bavaria Photos

Finally getting more photos up on Flickr. I’m just over halfway through Bavaria now, which means about four-and-a-half weeks of trip photographs left to sort through and post!

The entire Europe trip album is over on Flickr
and organized in chronological order, so the latest stuff is at the bottom. Below, some selected photos!

Das Befreiungshalle, Closer

Weltenburg Gorge

Pink Bike

Walhalla - Look up, look way up.

Sheep, Between Passau & Straubing


More soon!


Photos: Vienna & Central Austria

Now that I’m back home, I’ve started putting the photographs from my trip up on Flickr.

The entire Europe Bike Ride 2014 album is here, and will automatically show new photos at the bottom of the page when I add them.

A couple from Vienna and the first couple of days on the road through Austria, just to whet your appetite!

Riding from Vienna Airport

Ein Radler, Bitte!

Stadtplatz, Grein, Austria

Many, many more photos to come over the next while; I shot nearly 3000 photos over the seven weeks I was away and will be sorting through them as quickly as I can. Lots of them are panorama shots that need to be assembled before I post them, like the third image above. They’re fun but extra work to get ready.


Clear Across France (Atlantic Coast back to Nantes)

After arriving in Nantes on Monday most of us took Tuesday very easy, and some of the group started to head home.

Martin and I spent the afternoon at the chateau of the Dukes of Brittany, which is now the museum of the City of Nantes, and in randomly wandering on the bikes.

Wednesday we hopped a late morning train out to Saint Nazaire with the bikes but minimal baggage, took the bike-rack equipped bus across the 5km bridge over the mouth of the Loire, then rode back into Nantes, about 65km.

With this leg, we’ve both ridden clear across France, from the Swiss border to the Atlantic Ocean!

The first two thirds of the trail back to Nantes is quite nice, through farmland and along an old shipping canal, but when you hit the outermost edges of Nantes the official trail goes completely to crap, wandering up and down hills, along narrow gravel paths, and generally thrashing around randomly. We wound up alongside motorways to get back into central Nantes after missing an important turn, which wasn’t the nicest way to end the ride.

Off to Paris tomorrow!