Updates, Lucid, Oahu, Etc

Haven’t blogged in over a month – so much for regular updates and such. Oh well.

New version of Ubuntu is out, haven’t upgraded yet due to lack of hard drive space – still haven’t done the warranty RMA on my big, but glitched, 500GB drive. Maybe next week. I have played with Lucid on my brother’s machine – WTF is the thinking behind the wandering window control buttons? I stopped playing with Ubuntu/GNOME themes several releases ago – the defaults worked fine and looked OK – but wandering window buttons are irritatingly stupid, especially on an LTS release. Reverting to the older, saner (browner…) theme will have to be the first thing I do once I do move up to 10.04.

I already get rid of the multi-user-switcher thing and the seperate power-management widget as useless panel clutter on this single-user desktop machine; possibly my perferences for the ideal Ubuntu appearance fossilized several releases ago?

In more personal, cooler news, just got back from a week in Hawai’i. Never been before, and I loved Oahu, despite Honolulu’s traffic! I’m still going through several hundred photos, but here’s a few favourites from the first couple of days of the trip!
It Always Rains In YVR
Beaches of Waikiki
Rainbow At The Royal Birthstones
Drink Locally, Think Globally

2 thoughts on “Updates, Lucid, Oahu, Etc

  1. Zac

    Just trying out the 10.04 Netbook edition off a USB thumb drive for now, very nice indeed, and everything works out of the box on my Dell Latitude 2100. I was going to install the desktop version but this works and looks fantastic on the the small netbook, perfect, alot more efficient than the desktop version, as I had 9.04 desktop on there. About to install it now.

    Oh, nice photos!

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