Panoramas & Snow, Round 2

As a followup to my previous post on Hugin troubles (many thanks for the feedback there, everyone) I’ve done some more fiddling, and discovered the main issue: Hugin will export completed panoramas happily in TIFF, but not in other formats (JPG, PNG, etc) despite those options appearing in Hugin’s dropdown menus. It crashes or freezes every time when asked to do non-TIFF output.

That’s an irritation rather than a huge issue, though, as the GIMP quite happily converts TIFF into other formats. As witness this pano of Sunday’s lovely weather:

It Never Snows In Victoria

I also did a second pass (with Hugin instead of Pandora, which I used earlier) on the previous set of images:

CYYJ Snow Panorama, Take 2

And just to prove it wasn’t all a fluke, I dug out some year-old images I’d always intended to create a panorama of:

Wurzburg, Germany, Aug. 2007

So, Hugin works, within limits. Native non-TIFF output would be nice, but it’s not a showstopper. And panoramas are great fun – neat to give a super-wide-angle view with a very ordinary camera!

By Brian Burger

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