A Straightforward Dayshade

At our first local event post-COVID-restrictions in August of 2021, the absurd winds at the event well and truly wrecked our 10×10 modern popup dayshade. We’d been talking about doing something more period anyway, and I’d already been making sketches and gathering resources, but the popup-eating wind meant we actually had to get something done, for real.

The dayshade at it’s very first event.

We’ve gotten a lot of interest in the dayshade since building it, so I’ve finally gotten around to writing up the design and building process in a PDF handout, which you can read or download below.

I make a few assumptions about sewing and carpentry skills in the handout, in the interests of keeping it short, but if you need more details please feel free to contact me by email or by leaving a comment below.

If you wind up making a dayshade inspired by ours, please share photos and feedback on the process, I’d love to hear from you.