SCA Field Only Armoury Project, Part Sixteen

Part the Sixteenth! Just two more after this and the entire (first draft!) run of this lunatic project is finally finished…

We’re getting well toward the end of the alphabet now (we’re sorted alphabetically by blazon for this project, remember) with the last of the per saltire devices, a brief excursion into pily bendy, and ending with another reappearance of scaly.

Part Sixteen. As usual click for larger and see text for details.

Lots of good stuff in this batch, too. Being a fan of the heraldic furs Katharine Devereaux’s top left device, “Per saltire erminois and pean” is a personal favourite, but I also like the entire run of “pily bendy/pily bendy sinister” devices.

Just sixteen more devices to show you before this first draft pass is complete!

SCA Field Only Armoury Project, Part Fifteen

Part Fifteen! The end of this long march is in sight, as there will indeed be eighteen parts!

Part Fifteen! Click for larger, see text for details.

So what’s in today’s installment? Per pall and per saltire is where we’re at, with (somewhat surprisingly for this project) only a single device using stacked field divisions, Josse Gößler’s hazard striped “Per pall inverted sable, argent, and chevronelly gules and argent” up in the middle of the top row.

This batch also includes the seniormost herald in my home kingdom of An Tir, Oddr Þiálfason, current Black Lion Principal Herald of the An Tir College of Heralds. That’s his “Per saltire arrondi vert and Or” in the lower left corner, with one of several blanket permission to conflict (PtC)’s in this batch that help keep the very Norse-looking per saltire arrondi design space slightly more open for other Norse-influenced SCA participants.

Which reminds me, must draft up the PtC to go along with my own device submission, which I’ll be sending along to Oddr and his staff sometime over the Christmas holidays!

SCA Field Only Armoury Project, Part Fourteen

Part Fourteen and we’re definitely into the home stretch!

“Per pale” comes to an end and is replaced by “Per pall” today. Being a heraldic fur fan I’ve got to call out Marie de Blois’s “Per pale pean and erminois” top left as a favourite in this batch, although Erin Hendersonne’s “Per pale ranyonny sable and Or” next to it is also elegant.

Part Fourteen! Click for larger, see text for details.

Walthari von Harz’s device, leftmost middle row, might get put back in the “to be redrawn” pile, even this late in the game, as I’m still not happy with how the per pale wavy line interacts with the points and edges of the chevronelly elements. There’s another emblazon I found online (but now can’t rediscover to show here!) with a much more elegant version that I’d like to try and replicate.


SCA Field Only Armoury Project, Part Thirteen

Lucky Thirteen!

Today is a long run of Per pale divisions with some nice use of tincture and three devices of nine with various blanket permissions to conflict (PtC) on file, which I always like to see with Field Primary devices because it makes it just a bit easier for other SCAdians to enjoy cool Field Primary devices of their own!

Lucky Part Thirteen! Click for larger, see text for details.

It’s genuinely hard to pick a favourite in this batch, they’re all nice solid designs! Being a fan of the heraldic furs I’ll favour Brigit the Chaste’s “Per pale indented gules and counter-ermine”, leftmost of the middle row a little bit, though.

I’m also amazed that the two devices on the bottom row centre and right, Nerienda of Farleigh’s “Per pale Or and argent” and Edward Langhere’s “Per pale Or and azure” took until 2016 to be snapped up, and I’m very pleased they both filed PtC to make it easier for others. It goes to show that lots of simple, classic armoury is still out there if you’re willing to look in the O&A’s gaps!