Auf Wiedersehen Donau, Hallo Bodensee!

We left the Danube behind today and climbed up and out of it’s valley and to the Bodensee (Lake Constance).

We had been warned about the climb up and over from the Danube to the Bodensee, but the route we chose (largely by accident) involved a slightly longer route but a much, much shallower, easier climb.

The descent on the Bodensee side was awesome, several kilometres of descent on easy, curving nearly car free back roads.

We’re staying in a Protestant-run hostel about five km outside Uberlingen. Uberlingen has, unfortunately, the worst drivers we’ve seen since starting the ride: aggressive, crowding and acting most unlike the housebroken, polite road-sharing drivers we’ve gotten used to!

Comparing this Protestant-run hostel to the two Catholic ones we’ve stayed at, the Catholics are coming out ahead so far. They have far more interesting buildings in better locations and slightly better food; the Protestants have better WiFi…

Tomorrow we’re off into Switzerland, which is a first for me, and we start with a ferry ride across the Bodensee, which should be fun.

By Brian Burger

Started this site way, way back in November 1998, when the web was young. It's still here, and so am I.

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