Landing in Nevers (Decize to Nevers)

Easier ride today than yesterday’s 100+km, 45km or so mostly along the Loire canal, except where work crews had the canal path blocked for resurfacing, where we got to watch them create new Eurovelo 6 surface as we watched.

One of the other riders told me this afternoon than he had broken 2000km since Vienna during today’s riding, which fe els about right – my bike computer having quit way back in Austria on the first week of this ride…

Staying tonight at a Catholic hostel called Espace Bernadette on the edge of Nevers’ very nice old town. Twin rooms with nice beds and really good food at dinner again, just like the Catholic places we stayed at in Germany. No WiFi, but the tourist office in town took care of that modern necessity after lunch, during our sightseeing afternoon in central Nevers.

Off to a place near Sancerre tomorrow, 60km or so. Supposed to be getting hot tomorrow, so we’re planning on leaving early, right after breakfast.

By Brian Burger

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