Burg auf einem Berg (Ubermarchtal to Siegmaringen)

Nice ride today, warm but not hot and through a good mix of small town, forest and farmland.

Castle on a hill, turned up to eleven.

Siegmaringen Schloss is what happens when you take the fairly standard German castle-onna-big-rock and turn it all the way up to eleven. Start with a dramatic rocky bluff, add castle, keep adding castle, then start renovating castle right up to the opening years of the 20th C and you get Schloss Siegmaringen. The plaque at the door calls the current architectural style “Historisch”, which as far as I can tell is a polite way to say “made to look as romantic as possible”. It looks like the Hollywood version of a German castle onna rock because it’s supposed to look that way.

Incidentally, this photo was taken from a side of the schloss only visible to cyclists, pedestrians and possibly train passengers. Car users need not apply.

Off into the edge of the Black Forest tomorrow to spend the night at a guesthouse that used to be a Jagerhaus, a hunter’s lodge. It’s supposed to be spectacular and all by itself on a hill beside the Donau, so WiFi seems unlikely!

By Brian Burger

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