Down to the River (Blaubeuren to Ulm)

Very short ride today, just down the valley from Blaubeuren back to Ulm and the Danube.

Nice riding weather, slightly overcast and comfortable.

Ulm is a nice city with a great bike path setup. The central Munster (cathedral) is a grand Gothic spiky pile, and I can see it from my cafe chair as I write this…

View from my cafe seat, of the Ulm Munster. Not bad.

The cafe is related to one of the annoyances of no longer being in Bavaria – the hostel here charges for WiFi. Steep rates, too – €2/hr. Highway robbery, in 2014. Apparently hostels in Bavaria, if they offer WiFi, are forbidden from charging for it. Wish Baden-Wurtemburg would adopt the same rule.

Off down the Danube tomorrow and staying at a monestary at Obermarchtal, so who knows if they’ll gave WiFi!

By Brian Burger

Started this site way, way back in November 1998, when the web was young. It's still here, and so am I.

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