The Good News: Ubuntu 8.04 ships with Epiphany 2.22.2, which is slick – faster than previous releases, with the same carefully-chosen set of features that really make Epiph seem like "Firefox done right".

One noticable new feature is Session Recovery (finally!). There’s still no session-saving, but at least if Epiph falls over it (usually) remembers where it was.

The Bad News: Session recovery gets a LOT of exercise in Epiph 2.22.2. This has to be the crashing-est browser I’ve ever used regularly, and I used to run beta versions of Opera, for Dog’s sake! There’s no pattern I can determine to these crashes, hence the lack of actual bug reports to Launchpad… One day it’ll be some random Web 2.0ish page (Facebook, sometimes Flickr…); the next some entirely basic webpage with nothing more exciting than HTML & basic CSS on it — so this can’t even be blamed on screwy Javascript, as was so often the case with Opera…

Do I just have lousy luck with Epiph 2.22.2, or is this a Known Problem? Must confess I haven’t even searched LP or Gnome Bugzilla yet… I’m relying on teh lazywebs this time. Why does this otherwise awesome browser crash so damn much?

By Brian Burger

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