Gutsy Followup

Some followup with bug reports from an evening of poking around with Gutsy on LiveCD…

  • LP #150443: Compiz in Gutsy Beta: No workspace switching with mousewheel – Every other window manger I’ve seen (metacity, xfce, KDE) can do this – why can’t Compiz? Oh, right, because shiny 3d stuff is more important than actual usability.
  • LP #129152: cannot set number or name of workspaces from workspace switcher applet – Not my bug, nor a new one, but still present in Gutsy Beta. See above re: the priorities of Compiz.
  • LP #150428: pidgin text input box moves on text input (Gutsy Beta) – I’m not much of a Pidgin/GAIM fan at the best of times, and this did nothing to improve my opinion. Watching what you type bounce up and down as you type it makes eating right before you sit down at the machine an unfortunate choice.
  • LP #150434: Synaptic/apt-get/Add/Remove errors on Gutsy Beta LiveCD – This one had me stumped. It cannot be that common, or there’d be screaming all over the place, but Synaptic and it’s relatives completely refused to work for me on this LiveCD session – I even restarted the machine and began again. The md5sum of this ISO checked out, the “Check This CD” thing ran clean (twice) but none of the install tools would work at all. I have no idea.

Compiz I’m still unconvinced of the nessecity for – or the completeness thereof – and the very odd dpkg bug is puzzling the heck out of me – but overall Gutsy looks good. The Gutsy version of Gnometris is very, very shiny, and might yet make the whole upgrade worthwhile.

By Brian Burger

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