They Like Winter…

Via the excellent Shorpy’s, who in turn harvested it from the incredible U.S. Library of Congress Work Projects Administration Poster Collection, into my favourite Open Source project of all time, Inkscape (with a small detour through the GIMP), and dedicated especially to my father & stepmother (who appear to actually like winter…), and secondarily to all the rest of you for this holiday season, a bit of art:

Have a look at the SVG version, which will be going up on the Open Clipart Library after Christmas when I have a bit more spare time. This sort of print lends itself incredibly well to being converted to SVG. I’ll probably put both my cropped version and an SVG of the full poster up on OCAL.

Happy Holidays, Satisfactory Festivus, Merry Chrifsmas, etc to all. I’m off to do a bit of holiday baking. (Yes, really.)

Soundtrack: Paul Simon, Rhythm of the Saints
Irony Level: Quite Low, Actually, But Thanks For Asking