“…just like looking at baby pictures of the internet.”

Geocities shut down today (well, yesterday already, actually, but close enough) and in honour of all those truely awful Geoshitties websites over the years, XKCD has reskinned itself. Awesome.

I had a Geocities website, starting back in late 1998… This November marks eleven years of web presense for me. I didn’t commit every sin seen on XKCD’s exemplar, but pretty damned close. BLINK? Did that. Only briefly, praise Cthulhu. Black background with distracting graphic? Um, yup. Tables with visible borders? Afraid so. Tacky stock gifs and mystery-meat navigation icons? Animated background gif? Even in the dark ages of 1998 there were limits to which I would not stoop, thank you.

Hey, it poves that if nothing else, my design & coding chops have improved in eleven years…

(The title of this post comes from the discussion over on XKCD’s forum.)


…But Still No Flying Cars, Part 12,456

NASA has a Flickr account — nifty.

Most of it’s pretty banal, actually, but the Soyuz landing in Kazakhstan (Expedition 20) pictures are pretty cool.

One problem, though: all the photos seem to be under a Creative Commons Attribution (BY) + Non-Commercial (NC) License &mdash as an agency of the United States Federal Government, isn’t everything NASA publishes themselves automatically Public Domain?

(Image © NASA, used under CC-BY-NC)


Granville Island

Granville Island Market
Beware of Tiger?

Granville Island, Vancouver (Wikipedia article, Official Website) is one of Vancouver’s great spaces. Go check it out.


Floating Astronauts, But Still No Flying Cars

From BoingBoing, a headline that would have made zero sense even five years ago:

Spacemen are transmitting silent little floaty vlogs at planet Earth (also: laptops in orbit!)

Really cool 15min long YouTube vid over there. Go watch it. This living in the future thing is kind of cool sometimes.

ObPlanetUbuntuRef: Pity those laptops appear to be running Billware instead of Ubuntu. Hearing from an ISS Ubuntu LoCo would be even cooler!