Over to WordPress MU

In the interests of running most of my webspace with one system, I installed WordPress Multiuser a while ago and started experimenting with it.

This evening I exported all my posts from my old Pivot-based blog into a new WPMU blog, cleaned the imports up, adjusted my Planet Ubuntu feed, and should be up and running on the new WPMU version of Turned Skyward.

Comments didn’t survive the export/import process, so if you said something especially erudite, you’ll have to go over to the old blog and have a look at it there. Note that the old blog is read-only from now on; comments are closed. A couple of older posts of mine had interesting comment threads; I might edit those posts here to link to their counterparts over on the old blog.

Onward and upward (or something like that) with WPMU; I’m liking it a lot and looking forward to moving more of my web content to a centralized CMS.