More Chateaux (Orleans to Blois)

Good but long day on the road, only 70km but we left the hostel in Orleans at 0800 and I didn’t get to our hostel in Blois until past 1700.

We started off with a wander through central Orleans, which is q great looking city I would have loved to have more time in.

The highlight of the day was a wander around Chambord, a castle/chateau so over the top it boggles the mind. The roofline is awesomely complex, chimneys, windows and towers rioting all over the place.

Just outside Blois I got another flat, so I walked the bike about five km through the city with a stop at a bike shop, then spent the evening swapping tires and tubes around to hopefully fix the issues I had today and yesterday.

Off to a village near Tours tomorrow for two nights, including our last day off before the end of the trip.

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