Happy New Year

2007 was a pretty good year – here’s hoping 2008 is at least as good, if not better!

I blogged about finishing my Commercial Pilot License written test back in October, but haven’t yet posted about the last big step: Ten days before Christmas I passed my CPL Flight Test, finally! I stated flying in April 2002, so it’s taken five and half years to get this far. My logbook and paperwork got turned in for licensing just a few days ago, so in a few weeks I’ll have my full Commercial Pilot License!

Next step is either my Instructor Rating or Instrument Rating w/ Multi-Engine Rating – there’s a couple of things ongoing that’ve left this decision open for at least a few weeks longer. Having taken five-plus years to get to this point, I’m attempting to be patient about another few weeks of delay…

The Rest of 2007:

The rest of the year has been just as good as the end – a really excellent family trip to South Africa in August/September was the main highlight; I set up this blog back in May; worked for three interesting but exhausting weeks on graveyard shift at Canada Post just before this Christmas (yes, while I was trying to get the flight test done…) and have generally had a pretty good year!

Here’s hoping everyone’s year past and year coming are successful, interesting and generally excellent.

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