Ein Frankfurt, mit beir und jetlag

OK, I promise no more butchered German in the rest of this.

Made it to Frankfurt, folded up in Air Transat’s tiny seats. Narrowest seats & shortest pitch I’ve ever had in an airliner. Not fun. Breakfast consisted of something that might have been eggs in a previous life, and a small greasy sausage made of… something. Best not to speculate.

Wandered around Frankfurt’s old town this morning, probably visit one more museum this afternoon, then beer & dinner and an early night – the jetlag is still lurking. Tomorrow we’re off to a small town about an hour outside Frankfurt, to stay with a friend of the family for a couple of days before we drag ourselves back onto an airplane for the long (11-12hr) haul down to South Africa

No Flickr photo update to report – the hostel’s wireless isn’t fast enough to allow photo uploads.